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Polish & Repair

Reproduction |  Polish & Repair

Professional Repair & Touch Up Kit

Professional Repair & Touch Up Kit
Ref: Repair Kit Kit includes colour matched soft was for filling minor dents and scratches and a matching touch up pen. The pens are also colour matched and enable general colouring of small areas, especially handy for knocks and wear marks on the edges of furniture. These pens are both colour and lacquer and can be used to give the impression of grain when used over the supplied soft wax filler.
The colours offered match our own wood range but may help disguise damage on all mahogany, yew, oak or cherry furniture.
If you would like to purchase a kit separate to our furniture, please change the shipping cost in the checkout to £3.00.
Colour Guide:
103 - Suitable for light yew
104 - Suitable for medium-dark yew
113 - Suitable for light Mahogany
114 - Suitable for medium-dark mahogany

Price From: £14.00

Kit Colour


Wax & Silicone Free Polish

Wax & Silicone Free Polish
Ref: P Tableau Spray Furniture Polish has been formulated for use on all wood furniture with a sealed surface, particularly wood veneer and spray lacquer finishes.

The special blend of oils and emulsifiers remove finger marks and dulling film, leaving a rich, lasting shine. Tableau Spray Furniture Polish is wax free to prevent smearing and accumulation on sealed surfaces.

It is a silicone free furniture polish to avoid damage to certain lacquers and to facilitate repairs to veneered surfaces, if they become chipped or scratched.

A special anti-static agent helps to reduce surface dust.

Completely safe and highly recommended for use with all our furniture - It's the only one we use!!

We can only sell this in addition to furniture bought due to postal restrcitions on aerosols. We will not process sole orders made on this product.

Price From: £6.00


Reproduction |  Polish & Repair

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